Avi Gross (MFA, UBC) Composer, co-writer, and lyricist, Avi has taught choir and piano for the LAUSD during the past thirteen years. His instrumental CD, “It’s A Beautiful Thing,” will be available soon. His autobiographical and irreverent Jewish musical, “Meshugeneh," had a fun run this summer at The Whitefire Theatre. Phone 818 383 0676 or email:


Heather Herington (BSc, NMD, DHANP) Co-librettist and lyricist, she balances her naturopathic medical practice with writing - novels, Flawed and upcoming “The Sting of Absence” as well as radio plays including, Dr. Graves, We Healed Your Disease. Phone 818 307 6368 or email


JJ McMullen (MFA, CSUN) has been running the theatre department at John F Kennedy High School for the past sixteen years. Before that she worked in production at NBC. She continues to write and perform and build giant puppets. Email: