CAST LEADS •Spell Queen: Earth Spirit, children lover; worn out by villagers’ greed to the point of abdicating rein as Caretaker of Spell Forest •Grace Tallwood: 15-17-year old orphan, heroine, greatgranddaughter of Zeke Tallwood, environmentally conscious, intelligent with attitude •Gwyn: Wind Spirit of Spell Forest, next in succession as Caretaker, self-appointed savior, human hater •Belle’C: Hummingbird, voice of the wild; Spell Queen’s former partner in calling children to Spell Forest; likewise loves children but not at the expense of animal life. SUPPORTING FELLOW SPIRITS & FOREST ANIMALS: •Solly: Sun Spirit; gruff and comic •Plooey: gushy Rain Spirit •Tree: Old oak, Belle’C’s pal, protector of the scroll •Ift: A mouse (female), capricious, loyal to Gwyn •Zin: An owl (female), know-it-all , Gwyn loyalist •Breen: A wolf (female), loyal to the Spell Queen, Grace’s protector •Bailey/ a butterfly (male), loyal to the Spell Queen, sweet •To be determined: Additional Animals in support of Spell Queen or Gwyn SUPPORTING TOWNSPEOPLE •Charles: The Butler for the Tallwood family, gentle, wise, Spell Queen’s ally •Grant Tallwood: Mayor, grandson of village founder, 30-ish, narcissist •Chanimals: the Spell Queen’s present batch of human students •Oscar: Chainmal (male), brave and good-humored; •Homelia: Chanimal (female), brash •Jeraysen: Male chanimal, (male), sensitive •Thaddie: Male child (on verge of being a teen) Oscar’s rambunctious younger brother, on waiting-to-be-called list up to Spell Forest •Noah: Male child (younger), ruffian, jealous of Grace’s status as a relative of the rich mayor, part of the next Calling Hour tour •Emmy: Female child (older), outspoken, has ESP, on list to be called to Spell Forest like Noah ADDITIONAL VILLAGERS IN SUPPORT OF THE MAYOR OR PARENTS •Mrs. Ramsbottom: middle-aged, the town snob, part of mayor’s entourage •Emmy’s Mom: Strong voice of parents with missing children, miller’s wife •Emmy’s Dad: Miller, caught in between supporting mayor and his wife •Head Logger: Mayor’s bodyguard, ruffian, lead dancer •Loggers 2, 3, 4, 5: Band of Tree-killers chosen by Mayor to rescue missing children and then decimate the Spell Queen’s meadow, i.e. the remaining preserve in Spell Forest with virgin timber.